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From conference project management to audiovisual staffing, TechCon provides market-leading solutions to the Meeting, Event, and Convention industries. Our goal is simple: build valuable relationships with our clients and provide a full slate of high-quality professional audio-visual and meeting solutions to satisfy your unique requirements. We offer a high level of service customization ensuring that, at every step of the process, a TechCon professional is ready to assist you. As a TechCon customer, you benefit from our vast knowledge of this complex and ever-changing industry. In fact, new media and technology have completely revolutionized audiovisual support industry. TechCon’s seasoned and innovative team of professionals are excited to help you woo your attendees by assisting in the navigation to these fresh opportunities and finding solutions that meet your distinctive needs.

Still, even while the equipment and media landscape transforms and becomes more complex, TechCon's dedication to excellent customer service remains at the center of our mission. With decades of industry experience, our staff is at-your-service to ensure your event is seamless, professional, and cost-effective, leaving you and your guests more than satisfied.

125+ AV Techs

TechCon has a growing roster of more than 125 Audio Visual and Video Teleconferencing Technicians.


TechCon’s scheduling team monitors incoming texts, emails and phone calls and works to book calls immediately upon receipt.

Service Locations

TechCon currently services locations in Washington, DC, Baltimore, Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland and the Atlanta Metro Area.

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AV Professionals

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A1 (Audio Engineer)
An A1 is a highly trained engineer who is responsible for the audio system. The A1 directs the setup, placement, tuning, operation and strike of the main audio system. This engineer can manage and operate various audio equipment, such as: digital/analog mixing consoles, wireless microphone units, parametric equalizers, and audio recording devices and send/ receive audio feeds for outside sources. Other duties may include: troubleshooting or repairing audio equipment, sound checks and managing volume and quality of the sound for the event. Our A1s also understand the importance of meeting and staying in regular communication with show producers, technical directors, speakers and/or performers to determine the desired sound.
A2 (Audio Assist)
An A2 is an audio specialist who generally assists in the setup and breakdown of audio systems. This may include: in-room audio operator, running of cables, front-of-house and monitor control, backline, stage lines (bands, etc.), rigging audio systems, placing Lavaliere microphones on speakers and/ or performers, microphone-running, management of wirelessmicrophone frequencies and other duties assigned.
AV Tech In-Room Operator
An AV Tech In-Room Operator manages basic breakout room sets. This tech ensures a smooth meeting flow by providing friendly AV support to end clients and presenters. TechCon’s in-room operators are both proficient in Mac and PC operating systems and PowerPoint and Keynote programs. They may also assist with breakout rooms, re-sets and strikes.
General Audio/ Visual Technician
A General AV Technician is capable of loading/unloading trucks and setting up/removing AV equipment in meeting rooms and exhibits. AV technicians have a working knowledge of audio, video and lighting.
Camera Operator (Camera-Op)
An experienced Camera Operator manages setup, operation and removal of broadcast quality cameras individually or under the instruction of a producer at fixed or non-fixed positions (hand-held).
Camera Grip
Camera Grips are technicians who are in charge of cable management for hand-held Camera-Ops. This position ensures the hand-held Camera-Op can perform their duties safely.
Projectionists are experts in the placement, operation and functionality of DLP and LCD-projection displays. A projectionist trouble-shoots, color matches and ensures correct color and black levels. Clients should specify the make and model of the projector they intend to use to ensure the scheduling of the most qualified technician.
Video Teleconferencing Engineer (VTC)
A Video Teleconference Technician is responsible for implementing, integrating, testing and operating the control and distribution off all video teleconference systems. The ability to configure, trouble shoot and support a point-to-point and multipoint conference is key when completing day-to-day task. This technician has knowledge on most endpoints while analyzing the interoperability for Polycom and or Cisco infrastructures. They are able to provide assistance to users when conducting video teleconference sessions, which may include conference preparation, positioning of cameras for far-end attendees, setting audio levels and monitoring of VTC equipment and system performance.
L1/Master Electrician (Lighting Engineer)
The L1 is in charge of the lighting setup. This includes interpreting the lighting plot for rigging and light fixture placement, assignment of dimmer patches and final focus. L1s may also program and operate lighting systems. This technician is capable of operating both analog and digital lighting consoles.
L2 (Lighting Assist)
Lighting Assists are specialists familiar with various types of lights and their operations. They can properly place lighting elements, build truss, run lighting and power cables, and they assist in the focus of the lighting system. They may also operate spotlights during shows.
Lighting Programmer/Director (LD)
LDs design the “look” for the show and oversee the set up of the lighting system. They program and operate the lighting board and are responsible for lighting cues during shows. Pre-production involvement is highly recommended.
Spot Operator
Spot Operators are L2-level technicians who are proficient in operating various types of spotlights (not including truss spot).
V1 (Video Engineer)
Video Engineers are highly trained video specialists who are responsible for the video display system. The V1 coordinates the setup, wiring and timing of the video system. The V1 also color matches and shades cameras, routing video signals to recording hardware, projectors, LCDs and various other mediums. V1s are experts in the operation of professional media playback systems, with a complete understanding of Playback Pro and other digital playback systems and are also proficient in the setup and operation of switchers, such as the Barco, Folsom Screen Pro, and Analog Way.
V2 (Video Assist)
Video Assists are experienced video specialists who may assist a V1, camera operator and/or projectionist with setup/breakdown of equipment and additional operations. They have a basic understanding of analog and digital switchers.
AV Tech Floater
An AV Tech Floater is a general AV technician who floats basic breakout room sets and exhibits floors. This tech may be a relief for an In-room Op for breaks. Tech Floaters are utilized for transporting equipment to and from storerooms to breakout rooms or general sessions. TechCon floaters remain in plain view and are accessible for client support, if needed. They may also assist with breakout rooms, re-sets and strikes.
On-Site Lead
An On-Site Lead is recommended for a crew of five or more techs and is the lead technician on the labor call. The responsibility of the On-Site Lead is to act as a general liaison to the On-Site Project Manager. They will facilitate the timely arrival of labor and address any client questions or concerns. The working lead facilitates the check-in of crew, designates techs to areas assigned by the project manager and relays necessary information, including assignments, tasks and more. The On-Site Lead also coordinates with the project manager for break and meal times. When not performing the aforementioned tasks, the On-Site Lead executes tech duties in whatever capacity they are designated.

We Know our Job

Our mission at TechCon is to staff every call with 100 percent accuracy, 100 percent of the time. TechCon’s scheduling team relays all necessary information to each technician before they arrive at your site. We stay in close communication with our clients by being accessible 24 hours a day. From dress code, parking, and entry instruction, to tools, jobsite specifics, and special instructions ... TechCon obtains all pertinent information associated with each job and makes sure your technicians are informed. We know each of our technicians personally and maintain an open-door policy with them. TechCon actively and continuously recruits new technicians. This can be a costly and time-consuming process, but we feel it is essential in order to provide the most qualified tech for every call. We believe communication and information are two of the most important ingredients for successful client calls and in order to achieve your desired results, we need to know exactly who our AV technicians are.

Aside from knowing their exact skill set, we also make sure to know each technician’s personality and background to ensure that the AV technicians we send to your job are a perfect match, not only in technical expertise, but also in compatibility. We secure this through our detailed hiring process and by maintaining a healthy working relationship with all the technicians in our labor pool.

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